How does literature affect today’s world?

Literature is that the mirror of society. It’s very impactful in each and each author’s life. Literature plays a very important role within the development of society. It shapes civilizations, changed political systems and exposed injustice. Literature gives us a close preview of human experiences, allowing readers to attach on basic levels of desire and emotion. Literature allow us to raised understand the planet we board. The impact of literature is undeniable. It acts as a style of expression to each author. Readers can easily connected to the psyche of authors through their stories. However, literature also reiterates the necessity to grasp modern-day issues like human conflict. Literature could be a reflection of humanity and the simplest way for us to grasp one another. By being attentive to the voice of another person we will begin to work out how that individual thinks. I feel that literature is very important due to its purpose and in a very society, which is becoming increasing detached from human interaction, novels create a conversation.

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