Dil Bechara

"Manny's" Character or "Immanuel Rajkumar Junior" connected us in a very emotional way as being the residents of Jamshedpur and following it since the casting of actors for the storyline, as this full movie was shot in Jamshedpur. Jamshedpurians could easily connect with Late Sushant Singh Rajput as this was the second time he had professionally chosen the city for his movie after MS Dhoni.

We while watching the movie never felt unfortunate to witness his charm on/off screen now. The Movie's character was an exact replica as of himself in real life. The movie starred "Sanjana Sanghi (Kizze Basu)" where it was her debut with the "brilliant Sushant Singh Rajput". Watching their onscreen chemistry was definitely a bliss. The movie was stuffed with emotions and the storyline was so amazing that no one could stop watching it or get bored with it. Each move of the "superstar" was incredibly well demonstrated and well portrayed.

The movie showed that how even in the toughest time, with enormous uncertainties for the future we can cling on to each other, and can only be possible because of love. The movie was shot in Jamshedpur as I said earlier, the first Industrial town of India. This movie portrayed how love can make people smile and blush even when you are screaming with devastating pain underneath your skin. Heart sees no boundaries, heart doesn't discriminate people on the basis of medical conditions.

Sanjana Sanghi suffering from Thyroid Cancer, apparently introvert turned to a person full with joy by Immanuel Rajkumar Junior who too suffered a lot in past and lost his leg. He taught her to live for life and hot for death.

He does all such stuffs that makes a girl feel important to him and also respects her family as well. He soon connects with her family as well and tries to play around with them as if he is a part of them since years. Later on when Manny himself got infected with cancer and was broken, Kizze came up and help him emotionally to get out and let live his dreams once again. This shows that even Kizze was equally in love with Manny and didn't want to lose him.

This is apparently one of the most brilliant movies ever casted, directed, acted and shot. The actors were brilliantly brilliant in their acts. Specially for Sushant Singh Rajput which makes this movie so special. We would never forget Manny, we will never forget You. You are the inspiration of millions and we shall miss you every moment of our lives.

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