Beating the Lockdown Blues! How to Stay Motivated amidst the Odds Around Us

"Rise and shine, my dear!

Yet another glorious day dawns!"

Oh wait, this boring lockdown isn't over?

Better go back to sleep...

Relatable? Well, not anymore! The COVID-19 virus has disrupted our chaotic world with fear, doubts and precautions. Exams are being postponed, business economies have been affected and daily routines are no longer the same. In such a scenario, how can we stay boosted and actively productive?

1. Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

A key factor for an optimistic approach involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Consume home-cooked nutritious food, stay hydrated and exercise regularly. If it is not safe to step outdoors for walking or jogging, engage in simple physical workouts or meditation at home itself. As a famous quote states, 'We have only one body, so take utmost care of it!'

2. Avoid Laziness

There's always a temptation to postpone our priorities by wasting time, isn't it? Social media addiction, oversleeping and lazy behaviour increases boredom, and discourages us from achieving our true potential. Constantly remind yourself to stay enthusiastic to pursue ambitious goals. Trust me, it works eventually!

3. Focus on Positives, not Negatives

Our eyes and ears are subjected to loads of negativity! Breaking news of death cases, superstitious rumours and fake messages tend to dampen our mood. So instead of overthinking gloomy topics, focus on cheerful aspects. Surround yourself with pure positivity, and you shall flourish well!

4. Enhance your Hobbies

This lockdown can be viewed as a golden opportunity to polish your talents! Unleash paints on a canvas, learn a new musical instrument, try new recipes, read an e-book, or scribble your genuine thoughts! Nurture yourself as a creative individual, and don't feel shy to share your work... Motivational feedback will surely follow!

5. Grow Professionally

Apart from indulging in hobbies, it is also advisable to escalate in your respective field of profession. Internet connectivity has brought the world to our fingertips! Browse through various platforms to learn new skills, take up online internships and add value to your portfolio!

6. Stay in Touch, Stay Entertained!

Time and distance may divide us, but technology can unite us! While residing in isolation, do not forget to keep in touch with family and friends! Maintaining relationships and entertaining oneself is vital for emotional satisfaction. So dedicate time for loved ones as well!

Let your strongest devotion

conquer every dark emotion:

shutting out fears and sorrow...

Your motivation not divided,

may all overcome this united:

as we anticipate a brighter tomorrow!

Stay safe, be productive, remain healthy, stay active!

-Blog by

Jude Fernandes

-Image illustration by


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