5 signs that frame your personality

“First impression is the last impression”, well said by someone.

Having a good personality is very important. It not only boots you up but also helps you in making a good image in front of everyone. Having a good personality not only helps you outer self but also inner too. Personality plays an important role in one’s life. It is important to determine a person’s strengths and weaknesses. It helps in getting a job through good communication, also get the knowledge about how to react in any situation and the way you interact with your work. It is a key to success as well.

Five signs which shows your personality:

1. Communication: Communication plays a crucial role in holding one’s personality. It helps an individual to express themselves in all possible ways. It helps in expressing your thoughts, feelings, how to convince someone, passing or desirably gaining of knowledge, etc. We should talk to someone politely and softly. We should not treat people aggressively. Most important thing is to have an eye contact with the person you are talking to. Use your hands to describe your work accurately.

2. Fashion sense: most important thing in your personality is your fashion sense. It tells a lot about your personality. Wearing correct attire and footwear in any occasion is very important. We should dress ourselves according to the occasion. Footwear speaks a lot about your personality. A lot of people judge you not only by your clothes but footwear too. It also reflects you mood, style, character and how are you as an individual. It multiply shapes our identity: the color we choose, the footwear we wear, our dressing style, etc.

3. Environment /surrounding: Our surrounding/environment is one of the most important aspect in our personality. The way we live, the people we meet, our friends, our family and family background speaks a lot of things about our personality. If we live with good people or we have good family and friends, our personality will be good. But if our surrounding is bad, or we are seeing bad things, our personality will be affected and it will go to the wrong direction.

4. Good listener: Having a habit of listening people is a good part of your personality. Before being a good talker or an advisor, be a good listener. And people could appreciate your this personality. After that you are also heard and people encourage you for this. Also listening is a good habit and it also helps in getting a common level of interest point and it can be developed gracefully.

5. Attitude: Having a positive attitude is very important in personality development. Negative attitude and negative thinking can only destroy you but having a positive attitude can make you. You reach in any situation according to your thinking and a kind of attitude you have. People will react according to your attitude and judge you in the same way.


Ayushi Jawanpuria

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